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Thursday's Reflections… My short walk with a beach view.

We went on a short walk with the two dogs down a coyote trail and it had a great view of the lagoon and ocean. 

It was a clear blue day, not a cloud in the sky. The path was not really very well defined, it is only used for wildlife, there were no human footprints. I love those walks.

#1 A walk with a view.

We had walked about a mile with the freeway to our right and the ocean to the left. 

The trail ahead was closed, so we veered off the trail and took a coyote trail. This is the trail. 

#2 Can you see where the trail leads?

One cool thing about a coyote trail is you never know where it leads. But you could on this one as it basically follows the shadows on the left. 

#3 Spot the dog?

Meika says to follow her! 

    • She really does, and does a really good job at keeping close, she is never far away. I never have to raise my voice to call her when we leave from a break. I just have to say in a normal tone. Okay its time to go! And she is at my side. I am really impressed with her.


#4 Thursday’s Reflections

The blueness of the sky really brought out the blue in the water. 

#5 Dredging

They have to dredge the channel in the lagoon. Work in progress. They do this once or twice a year. 

#6 We made it down to the lagoon.

We took a 30 minute break. Now time to go back up! 

#7 One last look

This was a fun little adventure, I thought the trail was going to stop a few times, but it finally wound around down to the bottom of the lagoon. 

#8 The castle…

We had got about half way back up the hill when I noticed this castle. It really blends in well. It was huge! All the houses around this lagoon are very large. 


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  1. A beautiful day with blue skies to go for a walk. Could not comment on the photos, sorry. But they are all stunning as always. Meika is always leading the way.

    • It was a great day! Ah darn sorry about the comments. Yes Meika loves to lead the pack. She has to make sure the pesky sabor toothed rabbits are cleared away before we arrive. Its nice to be safe!!

    • I have to start getting used to hiking alone again, my son was just made manager, and now works 6 days a week. Good for him, but bad for hiking! I am good to see you are feeling refreshed. I hope 2019 is filled with fun adventures for you!