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Hiking under a blue sky for Color Crazy Blue Week and reflections for Thursday's Reflections!

Finally got the dogs out for a much needed hike. It has been very hot lately even on the beach. Finding cool places to take the dogs is a challenge this time of year. I did manage to take a few shots and some of them even have blue in them! 

#1 Look up!

Blue skies, willows and cat tails!

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#2 Lower

This is taken from knee high. 

#3 Blue sky reflection. Happy Thursday’s Reflection..

The little water bugs were making rings on the surface and the blue sky really stands out. 

#4 More reflections for Thurday’s Theme.

Touches of blue in this deep dark shady area. 

#5 Miss Meika

shows how deep the water is here, look at the line on her coat. lol 

#6 Looking back

Looking back up at the trail we had just came from. 

#7 Meika

I made this one a black and white because her white on her neck was so blown out. She had just came from that dark hole behind her. 

#8 That moment when you realize someone is taking your picture.


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