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Monday – Sunday Daily Challenges

Are you feeling left out of the Daily Challenges because of long moderation and wait times for posting? 

Here is an idea. You can make a post at the beginning of the week with all of them or even break it down to half a week. 

I picked out eight photos of mine that fit for this weeks challenge. I hope you enjoy, and post one yourself! 

#1 Daily challenges all in one!

Let me know if I am missing any of the daily challenges please. 

#2 A tiny prickly pear paddle works for Macro Monday

A macro is anything the size of or lager than the actual size. 

    • Most of the new phones can get macros. A macro is anything bigger than the actual size. Now you couldn’t get a nat drinking out of flower, but those lenses are for the pro’s. Not many have anything that can do that. There are a few of them here. Ileana is one of them. Superb macros.

#3 Nature Tuesday

A skull 

#8 Sky Sunday

and my son with his I am cool look going on... lol 

I hope this gives you some ideas, have fun, and even if you want to post one a day it really doesn't matter what day it eventually gets posted. 


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  1. This is really a good idea for posting the challenges for the whole week. But this will be a challenge for me to come up with 7 or 8 photos at one time, or I can start collecting the photo everyday and post them on Sunday. 😛


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