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The photographer’s special “glasses” – Paint With Light.

So much knowledge, inventions, and works are driven by challenges.

The idea of the following photographs below also comes by the trigger of the #messageexperiment challenge which has started by Elenka. All are the result of shots of light or light reflection while shaking, moving or rotating the camera quickly to obtain the effects of striped or arches light to form a kind of abstract painting.

According to Elenka, this challenge is to learn and improve our methods of photography. I’m just a lover and I do not stop searching for new ideas. That’s why I experiment at home. For photographers, they say: “They have special” glasses “to see only beauty.”Make beautiful compositions to experiment with. And to show your ideas to everyone. You can upload without limitation the number of photos. No specific topic. Show ideas.

Terms of Participation:

1. Post to the Challenge

2. Use as a title The photographer’s special “glasses” – Challenge

3. Use the hashtag #messageexperiment

Have fun, friends.

#2 Dance Of The White Light

#5 Tower of Light

#6 The Trooper

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#8 They Come

#1 The Rush Hour

    • Thank you for your kindness, John. Jar itself is a beauty, although the contents can be more expensive than the container itself. Beyond that, the vacuum of the jar is the essence of the invaluable primary benefit, and that is the unlimited beauty.

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#4 Alien Aircraft In Speed

#9 Tunnel In Light

#10 Chasing Flying Saucer

#3 The Light Shield

#7 In The Depths Of The Sky

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