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Thank you, Sharon Lopez!

Sharon is a writer and blogger, and you can tell! She really has a way with people, and communicating. She is super duper nice and funny as well. She always, always makes me smile if not down right giggle. 

Her posts are very informative with all kinds of tips and bits for writing, down to making cool cover photos for your posts. Ya for us!

She is very easy to be friends with, and if you haven’t already checked out her posts, you should do so. As soon as you get to her profile, you will laugh, almost guaranteed. 😉 

Thank you Sharon for being a great friend and always making me smile. 😀 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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  1. OMG, Kim, I was touched! Well, actually, I am trying so hard to appear strong but the truth is I cry easily. Thank you, Kim. Thank you, Witty feeds. Yes, Suny and I knew each other for a long time. thank you, Suny.

  2. I know her for a long time as we share few sites. You’re right she is very hard working and knowledgeable about online writing. She has an extra ordinary talent for learning things quickly.

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