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Thank you, Rex Trulove!

Rex is a writer from the Rocky Mountains in Montana and you can sure tell he is a writer/storyteller by his posts. They are superb, very informative and accurate. He could write a book on his plant knowledge alone. 

We share a love for nature and animals, and he always shares such awesome photos of the wildlife around that part of the world.  

He is so generous and giving not only here but in his local church where he is a groundskeeper and shares a lot of wonderful pictures of the grounds as well.

I feel very lucky to have met him, and he is always so kind. Go check out his posts, you will not be sorry! Thank you for being a great friend REX! 


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  1. Aww, thank you very much, Kim! You flatter me. I just have a lot of interests and like to write about them. I also love gardening. In fact, I planted beans and zucchinis today. Cucumbers and chard will probably be next.

    Thank you so much for the compliments!

    • You are quite welcome dear sir! 😀 I love your interests, which are mine as well.
      Happy bean and zuc day! I wish I had room to plant more. My whole yard looks like a jungle now though. lol. Small spaces ya know. I do have a tomato plant though, a big boy! I love gardening as well. I remember snapping beans with my grandma and mom a long time ago. Happy planting!!

      • I planted thornless blackberries and raspberries last year and they are all coming up great. For the cucumbers, though, I need to move a couple of big plastic tubs before planting them with cukes. The tubs are actually for trees but are about three feet in diameter and two and a half feet high, filled with potting soil. We have a small yard and a tiny garden space, so I tend to cram as much in as possible and I grow quite a bit in pots, or in this case, tubs.

        That will have to wait, though. Today, the rain has stopped and the temperatures will be increasing, so I need to go down to the church and mow, weedeat, and water. If I can remember, I’ll be taking pictures of the flowerbeds and give comparitive shots of what it looked like before I began work on them. They are now quite beautiful and I can say that without tooting my own horn because I give all the credit for the beauty to God. I planted annual varieties of snapdragons 4 years ago and they are still growing and blooming!

        • Oh I remember those from last year. Yummy. And so glad they came back. Now the annuals… That is awesome. The tubs are a great idea, and I was actually thinking I could fit some planter boxes in… I want to grow a few things. Beans could be in the back climbing, the cucs and squash could vine out and down..
          Sounds like you’ve a busy day ahead. Yes, by all means, please take some recent shots. I love snaps and flowers. You sure have plenty of space there to plant all these beauties. More plants less lawn to mow. 😉

          • That is certainly true about less mowing. Sometime in the future, one of the church buildings is going to be torn down to make way for more parking and the flower beds will be changed accordingly, but the pastor wants to put in “islands” in the parking lot for plants. We won’t lose any flower beds by the time all is said and done and we might gain some area, but that is in the future. Our church is expanding.

            The best cucumbers I grew was just a few years ago when I trained them up the back fence. I had gobs of cukes and they were easy to get to. They love to climb if they can. Last year and this year, though, I planted Jerusalem artichokes along that fence, so there is no room for cucumbers. The Jerusalem artichokes are up and doing well, though.


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