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Thank you tiada ~ Thank You Challenge

I just read a post by @alibb about the Thank You Challenge. I think it’s a challenge that was running a few months ago. I wasn’t actively writing on Virily at that time.

I appreciate the owner of Virily as he created this platform for us to share and interact. I am thankful for all the members here as they always write great posts, post beautiful photos, share good knowledge and inspire me.

Most importantly, I would like to thank @tiada. I joined Virily two years ago, but I wasn’t active here at all, and slowly I forgot about this place. I am thankful for @tiada who reminded me of Virily a few months ago, and finally I was back to check how the site is now. Now I enjoy writing, reading and interacting with others here. It’s become my online home now. Thanks, @tiada!


Picture credit: @kaka135

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