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Tegenungan Waterfall ~ 365 Photos Challenge #54

One other place that I had visited in Bali is Tegenungan Waterfall or with another name Kemenuh waterfall, because it is located in the village of Kemenuh Gianyar district.

Around the waterfall of Tegenungan, there is much beautiful scenery with verdant trees. To reach the waterfall that is approximately 15 meters high, from the parking lot you have to down the dozens of well-arranged staircases. You also have to traverse the edge of the Tukad (river) of Petanu to see the waterfall from a closer distance.

Tourist attractions Tegenungan waterfall is a tourist attraction that closest to the city of Denpasar, have clean water if not the rainy season because during the rainy season the water will become turbid.

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