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365 Day Photo Challenge – Day 10 – It’s Still Winter

This photograph was taken about a month ago while we were assisting a friend out of a ditch. We don’t typically get snowstorms anywhere near this heavy on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This one was a doozy! The snow banks were a few feet taller than me! I’m 5’1″. Everywhere we looked, there was either a car in a ditch or stuck in a huge snow bank in the road. VDOT, the Virginia Department of Transportation, had a heck of a time clearing our roads with so many vehicles in the way in the roadways. This is a storm that’s going to be remembered for a while. Many of the old-timers stated that we hadn’t had a storm like this in over a hundred years!

Personally, I’m hoping that we don’t get another one for another hundred years or more! Snow is beautiful to look at, but I can’t stand the cold.


What do you think?

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  1. Wow, that does look like some snowstorm! I am like you – I hate the cold too, and it is still outrageously chilly here in Britain, given that it is now mid-April, temperatures not much above freezing. Urgh!! I so much want to move to a warm climate.

  2. Yes, that snow storm was by far the craziest I have ever experienced. On 316 between Bloxom and Hallwood, the VDOT didn’t come until later on that evening due to several cars stuck right in the middle of the road. I am so glad this is over!

  3. Unfortunately the local economy suffered for it, with many people already living day, to day, unable to get to work for over a week. Many struggling families will end up homeless after this, in what is one of the poorest areas of the US. Northampton County Virginia would be the poorest east coast county, If it weren’t for 3 megawealthy families offsetting the demographic.

    • Very much agreed, Jason. Additionally, it is important to note that the megawealthy most often only wish to pay minimum wages for slave labor. Henceforth, there lies the overall problem. Trickle down economics are a downright falsity!

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