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Spring Trees

I love trees and they are present in most of my photos, so when I read that the topic of Kim’s challenge is trees, I knew I had to join. Read more about the challenge here.

Trees are beautiful every season, but there’s something very special about blooming trees that come to life in spring. Here are a few photos from last year. We finally have some signs of spring and the trees are starting to bloom again, so I will be sharing more photos soon.

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Pink Blossoms

If you are curious to know what this red and white yarn is, read this post.

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White Blossoms

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    • I love it too! Just yesterday I saw it’s blooming again and I took a ton of photos. These trees are a gift by Japan for an anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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  1. My favorite tree – let’s see. 1. It is neither upwind or downwind of my house. That way when the wind blows in the fall, the leaves don’t end up in my yard. 2. It has a nice smell – there are many trees that while blooming actually smell kind of bad.

    SImpe list 🙂