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Just for Fun… Trees Challenge for April!

It’s seems Virily is getting the technical problems fixed.

It is time to resume the Just for Fun Challenge.

The theme for April is Trees!

Post about trees. From photos to quizzes! Post as much as you like!

Use this tag #justforfun7

Post in the Challenges Category.

Have fun!

Below are some of the trees that stood out in my memory below.

#1 One very large Eucalyptus Tree Stump

I put a coke on it for size reference. 

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#2 The Giant Sycamore Tree

Takes up a big part of the sidewalk. 

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#3 Look up!

One looking up at the canopy. 

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#4 Side by Side

Two trees close together. Looks like one tree was cut in the middle to me. 

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#5 A giant Yucca Tree

and my grandson. 

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#6 Pink Floss Silk Tree

This is grouped into the Monkey no Climb trees. The spikes discourage climbing. 

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#7 The tree

I have taken the most pictures of. My view. 

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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I love trees, and these are super shots, every one. I only saw a Pink Floss Silk Tree for the first time a few years ago in Sicily. Wish we could grow them here!