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Sky Sunday – Under the clouds of the storm

On Friday afternoon, when I approach by a dusty paving a square where stood my car,  I felt like someone was sharing sweets there. Crowds of people. Among them, I with my high-heeled shoes;  a classic-style computer bag somehow looked too heavy in my hands after work hours.

Suddenly, the whole world diminished to two people with interlocked hands: two barefoot urban romanticists wearing well-worn colored garments and armed with loyal travel bags. It was not important to them what others would think or say.

Their wandering. Their freedom. Their convenience.

The legs tired of high-heeled shoes and inspiring example of them in front of me inspired me to dream of barefoot’s bliss, but I don’t dare to take off my shoes. Maybe I am too old already to act like these two young people?

But I always take off my shoes when I reach sand on the beach. And no matter what the weather it is: wind, rain, storm or sunny. Of course, I do not count the winter and snow. And looking at these stormy clouds, I again dream walking barefoot under them…

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  1. I do not consider whether I am young or old. I want to feel comfortable. This is just my personal opinion. There is a song “Bass on the asphalt” in the Bulgarian stage. Here’s a part of it.
    Boss I go,
    I hear a lot of voices
    from here, from there: ”
    Look, what a joke.
    Hey, girl, not so – know this asphalt is not a river. ”
    Boss on the asphalt
    I’m walking, I’m fucking like that.
    The sunset under the clouds is great.

  2. Lovely photo. That was always my childhood summer mostly barefoot. I love being barefoot and here the best place is on the beach. In my corner of Florida, the sand is firmly packed and I can walk upon cool sand and not sink in it is nirvana.


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