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Seeing The Miracle ~ Let's Do More

One of the initial methods of seeing miracles or entering pure awareness is to contemplate. Contemplation here means giving full attention to something, without judging, expecting, and making any conclusions about the object being observed.

Something observed in contemplation to experience the knowledge of “Good Forms or Divine Forms”, reaching henosis or experiencing God’s vision, Monad or One, or experiencing perfect fusion is not necessarily religious. You can pay attention to various objects or events such as parks, grass, trees, cows eating, cats, and even just a fork.


Yes, even just looking at your fork can be like peering at a miracle from behind Heaven's window grille.

    • I recognized the forks right off!
      Yes, of course, that is very clear, right? I deliberately display this image, so simple, with low quality, as material to be processed as a different painting.

Heaven’s Window Grille

You only need to devote your interest, attention, full excitement to the object until you are like fused with an object after we are separated from "I am" until even the object we are paying attention to seems to disappear and bring you to a transcendental state.

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