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Falling in Love with Skylar Gray

I saw her standing by her Toyota car when it started to rain heavy and as she grabbed her umbrella she ran so I...

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SAHM and Homesick

Doe anyone ever gets homesick just being away from home? I do a lot and I have been in this state for about 8...

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Keep Calm Truth Time

Sometimes it's weird that content can be read online and it brings more readers if it is all about you. Like if someone has...

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Ode to a Vampire Poem

My fast Vampire, you inspire me to write. I love the way you call, look and cuddle, Invading my mind day and through the night, Always dreaming...

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The Ex Part 1

We all tend to be Denial about something going on in our lives or something that is going on with ourselves. Denial can really...

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Falling in Love with Skylar Gray

SAHM and Homesick

Keep Calm Truth Time

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