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Saturday's Critters!

Saturday’s Critters with Meika and Luna! 

I hope you have fun watching the dogs have fun on our last hike in Los Penasquitos Canyon on our last adventure into nature. 

Without further ado… Here are the pictures I took of the dogs. 

Meika, a wolf mix and Luna, a Doberman Pinscher Australian Shepherd mix. My dog kids! 

#1 Running through foxtails.

This time of year the foxtails are hollow, the seeds have already fallen. They act like wheat in the wind. 

Luna says, there are a lot of Pesky WABBITS in this field. 

#2 You have to bounce!

It's easier if you bounce like "Tigger" in these fields of foxtails. 

The tree in the back is a Pepper Tree. 

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#3 Meika posing as a wolf…

She thinks she is camouflaged, and darn near is, even with her light coloring.  

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#4 One of those shots..

She was actually running super fast through the brush. 

#5 Heads or Tails?

Sometimes you just feel like running through flowers! 

#6 There is water up ahead..

That tree in the distance is the creek area. Not far to go now. This was a five mile level flat hike! 

    • I am going to try to stay in shape through these next 20 years. We shall see how that goes…. Which reminds me. I had hiked 6 miles with an elevation gain of 37 flights of stairs. This old guy passed me as I am making my way back up, he was heading down to the falls. About 15 minutes later, he passes me again. JOGGING> What the heck? He must of been 85 at least. It was very inspiring..


#7 Reaching the creek.

Under giant Live Oaks and Sycamore Trees. I liked the reflection of the dogs in the water. 

#8 TWO Jumps

That white splash in the middle is my dog Luna, and you can see Meika in the back. 

Luna said it takes two jumps to make it across the creek if you go super fast! 

    • My daughter in law had forgotten her camera card for her big ole Cannon. I let her use the card for use of the camera. We shared taking pictures this day. I wish I knew more about the camera, I wouldve liked to get some action ones up close.

#9 Yup, two jumps!

I know because I tried it several times. 

Now it is time to head down the trail to the waterfall! 

#10 Meika and my son and I..

Just another half mile and there is a really cool waterfall. 

I hope you enjoyed this little part of our hike. 

Have a great day. 

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