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Salak the Snake Fruit ~ 365 Photos Challenge #131

Salak is the fruit of a kind of palm plant that can and is usually eaten. If I do not mistake, in English called snake fruit because its skin is similar to snake scales while its scientific name is Salacca zalacca.

Salak fruit has a variety of flavors; sweet, sour, to sepat (when food has the effect of putting your teeth on edge or drying your mouth, like green bananas) depending on the type. A struggle is needed to get the salak from the tree full of thorns are very tight. Salak bark is also hard and sharp although thin, behind the sharpness there is a unique delicacy.

If we just want to analogy how to get salak with success will be easy to understand it. Simply put, if we want to get a good and sweet salak need careful planning and preparation by reading the salak harvest cycles, when the right harvest of salak so as to get maximum results, and also with caution and precision, just like to reach the dream. So also with the results of all efforts that can feel sweet, sour, and sepat like salak. Sweet for the results we achieve satisfactorily, acid for less maximal results in reaching it, and sepat for failing to plan or do it. This means to get the goal we want to achieve required struggle and hard work but we do not know for sure the results of what we do is.

Beyond that, in spirituality laden with figurative language, in Java salak can mean “suluk siloka”. Suluk is the journey of true principles, culture core values, courtesy, etiquette, manners, both to the Divine and to fellow beings. It also means educating and arranging the mind, heart, and consciousness to be the graceful, beautiful and good attitude to anyone and anything. This is different from philosophy because the dominant philosophy in the brain so that it is more of a knowledge or insight. Salak can also mean “Salik” or a person who undergoes spiritual discipline in the path of Sufism or Divine mystic.

Siloka is a figurative language or Sasmita that is difficult to learn if a person is still dominated by their thoughts. Those who are more honed in their spiritual intelligence will find it easier to translate precisely the language of siloka or natural signs in accordance with the circumstances.

In the seeds of salak there is the core of salak which becomes the symbol of connectedness with the Divine, as the hard salak seed that must be destroyed with a hammer to find its essence, as well as the mind’s ego to be solved with certain spiritual activities until we can realize the core of our heart. As the salak is of various kinds; sweet, sour, sepat, etc. so too is the spiritual journey, the diversity to be grateful for because of it all forms faith on the basis of a strong consciousness.

Salak skin is brown to blackish brown, spiked but neatly arranged to form a beautiful natural skin. The skin is the wrapper of everything, the law of all things, the Shari’a of various religions, all the guidance, the rules, and the manners of life. When all that is peeled, its white content is the emblem of the light of life. Again, Quality is seen in the core, not on the terrace.

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  1. I started to flinch when I saw the word snake lol. I thought i would have to be very ill and in need of a miracle to eat this fruit lol.