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Self Healing ~ 365 Photos Challenge #82

I miss you all, guys! But what can I do?

Some work and taking care of some sick have made me sleepless for a few days so I was very tired and feeling unwell. Picture? This was the only picture I can take yesterday.

After having fever and pain all over my body, especially in the head, I decided to “charging” and sleeping, resting completely and just waking up for eating, and I’ve been doing for thirty-six hours. That’s how I’ve healed myself for over twenty years I’ve never been to a doctor let alone taking medicine again. It was a very different situation from my childhood through my twenties, where I dealt heavily with doctors and medicine due to some congenital diseases.

Right now I feel better and so happy to be able to start over to joke and read your posts.

Well, guys, why don’t you take your camera, point out on something, click, then put your picture in this community, and here are the rules and guidelines to join.


What do you think?

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  1. An interesting way of self-healing. In such situations, I cut into a small onion dish and leave it on the bedside night. It helps me. And like you sleep more than normal 8 hours. Beware, my dear friend. And do not be angry with your loved ones. They do it because they love you.


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