Quote Challenge 2/3

“If you can’t kill it yourself, build something to do it for you…” Shiro Masamune sums up the principle of technological advancement in a single compound sentence. I suppose we could swap out “kill” with “do” for a more generic description but it isn’t as fun a quote and let’s face it; as a species we really excel at weaponizing technology

#1 cover image

I wanted this to be a cover image but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that in ranked lists. Oh well...

#2 quote graphic

Like most of my images, I've left some headroom for a title just in case someone wants to use this for cover art. If you ever see a piece with some empty space at the top, it was probably designed by an illustrator as opposed to a fine artist

#3 rough sketch

When I came up with a pose that was both sassy, dynamic and had forced perspective, I was thirlled


What do you think?

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