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Impractical Armor – WIP

I often come under fire for having so called impractical armor designs. Because of this, today we shall be taking a critical look at armor design and when it fails. It will be a very comprehensive analysis and in the end we will understand what is needed in truly practical armor…

#1 work in progress

Let us analyze the design flaws in this armor; first let us call out the tassets, which are restricting her hip movements. And then her pants and shirt are made of velvet, which is a completely impractical fabric to use under armor...

But all of those things pale in comparison to the most impractical feature and serious design flaw, you guessed it, the cape! It can snag, entangle or otherwise be seized from behind and upset her center of gravity or impede her mobility. And they used velvet again, which will be difficult for her to rip if she has to suddenly free herself from any of the aforementioned scenarios


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