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Impractical Armor – WIP

I often come under fire for having so called impractical armor designs. Because of this, today we shall be taking a critical look at armor design and when it fails. It will be a very comprehensive analysis and in the end we will understand what is needed in truly practical armor…

#1 work in progress

Let us analyze the design flaws in this armor; first let us call out the tassets, which are restricting her hip movements. And then her pants and shirt are made of velvet, which is a completely impractical fabric to use under armor...

But all of those things pale in comparison to the most impractical feature and serious design flaw, you guessed it, the cape! It can snag, entangle or otherwise be seized from behind and upset her center of gravity or impede her mobility. And they used velvet again, which will be difficult for her to rip if she has to suddenly free herself from any of the aforementioned scenarios

  1. This is my view of this armour.

    nothing wrong with it.

    now let me explain, first the cape is in an ideal shape, its not thick or wide, its not too long. capes are either for warmth or cosmetic and not actually used in combat but this cape can be used in a fight without being too much of a problem.

    now for the armour, yes its using plate armour pieces so you’d think “heavy” but this doesn’t mean it should be seen as a heavy armour and deemed impractical. this is more of a cross between agility and defence. no joint is being restricted and plenty of room for mobility yet still providing a lot of defence.

    most people deem that female armours impractical are clueless as to why it’s designed like it is and only see it as skin showing equals impractical or some other BS.

    but in the end, Yes this is impractical BUT only if you see it as a Heavy Armour, reason being is because its not actually a heavy armour type that you’d think a tanky person would use.

    • after doing a little bit of research into velvet, it’s basically a prettier version of chain-mail that’s more elastic then chain mail but not as strong as chain mail.

      this lady is using a 2-handed sword which is heavy, not to mention she is wearing plate armour pieces. with this she would have to be quite fit and strong in order to swing that great sword around the place. but if she was wearing full plate armour she’d probably die in a fight as she would be more sluggish and instead of swinging her sword around it’d be more lugging it around and not to mention lugging herself around.

      for a female to wear full plated heavy armour with a 2-handed/great sword she’d have to be a bodybuilding champion

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#2 gender parity

Thanks to tireless female campaigning, men may someday be free from the tyranny of impractical armor and enjoy the same liberties as women adventurers!

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#3 rough sketch

Here's a nice rough sketch for you, colored pencil on canson paper. So what have we learned today? The superior range of motion granted by her bare midriff is ruined by the impractical tassets, the breastplate is most likely just weighing her down but the most critical flaw is velvet!

Velvet is entirely impractical and unsuited for armor...

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  1. The high heeled boots are impractical too, but none of this would work without them. Keep the velvet, she can immobilize the enemy with her looks.