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Random WIPs

Mondays I list my ebay auctions for the week, but for some reason I didn’t migrate something to post on Virily today. I don’t know why but that means I had to resort to just random images I had on this system. They’re all decent, even though some of them are variants of things I’ve already posted

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them…

#1 practical armor WIP

This one isn't bad at all, it just needs a little more work is all. I should really finish this. Note her practical armor: I am wondering if she needs a vambrace now...

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#2 reasonably sized sword

This is another version of the Hyborian Age, with a reasonably sized sword. I haven't decided if I want to just release this instead of the other version, or have two similar prints available... What do you think?

  1. You are so funny funny, that sword must be made of some special metal so that she can lift it… I do think it’s a beautiful piece though.

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#3 alternate color scheme

An alternate version of the Hyborian Age, which was ultimately rejected in favor of the version you can see in the link. This one is still good, but not nearly as good as the way I decided to go...

  1. When you have to trap the animal yourself, skin it and cure the hide before you wear it, clothing is quite expensive when viewed as an opportunity cost. If her clothes fall off in battle, it might distract her opponent enough to give her an edge

    Her hair isn’t tied up, it is flowing in the wind…

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#4 badlander

I haven't done a badlander in a while. Where is she, post apocalyptic Vegas? The grunge treatment is quite successful here, not so much in the next piece...

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#5 alternate landsknecht

This is how I was originally planned to do the landsknecht, but then I decided to go the baroque direction, which was a much more appropriate solution

Don't get me wrong- I like the grainy look and I love the light blooms, but those are better suited to a more contemporary themed piece

That's all for this update. Which one was your favorite?

  1. I like #4 — see, in reality, too much excess fat in the chest is impractical and inconvenient — a female warrior would not appreciate doing running, jogging much less fighting in that because of pain and discomfort (and dang, if it gets hit during fight the pain would be debilitating and that would be the end of her) — also since a warrior burns many calories, I doubt that they could grow that big for real lol

      • Like who? I do not watch wrestling matches so I am like duh but I know there are women there — still, they must be wearing something that protects and supports otherwise fighting and moving a lot will not be comfortable. In fantasy land (that is where I think your creations came from), though, I do not believe people there will be busy thinking about the design practicality and engineering of brassiere. So, I will stand by my first opinion that too much fat in that area is a liability in fights

          • I just did. There are busty ones and there are moderate sizes too. I like moderate sizes — practical in real life and moderation is practical and logical in all aspects of life hahaha. There is a thing about gravity you know. If it contains a lot of excess fats, it is bound to weigh the person down. Aww, come on, huge stuff are easy targets in fights — it will end up skewered in the sword or chopped off — and I am discussing it really in practical sense

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  1. Cool painting gallery, brother! Unfortunately I can not comment one by one because it’s been a few days I have a problem to comment in the gallery format except in this main comment box! Btw, I am curious to see your works on eBay…