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Schöne Landsknechtin – giclee print

The landsknecht were freelance knights from Prussia who effected a wildly colorful and asymmetrical style of dress, so our pretty little friend here is dressed quite conservatively. She looks like a character from the Hawkmoon series

I’ve mentioned before that the landsknecht used polearms and zweihanders. This lovely landsknecht has a partizan, which is my favorite type of polearm…

#1 release version

The title of this Baroque looking piece was translated by the talented Amy Balot. Available in a giclee print format and as a limited edition ACEO

#2 statue render

Even the clay render has a Baroque touch, with its gold and rose tones

#3 rough sketch

Note that her pose is slightly different in this value study. I had a tough time finding an approach that looked just right for this piece...

colored pencil and gouache on canson paper

#4 cover image

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