Virtual Crash – WIP

This work was meant to introduce Kori, another character from Why I Hate Megatokyo. She really wanted to make a big splash and everything was going great until it all just came apart. Talk about a crash… I should be more careful about how I name my work

#1 rough sketch

Since many of you are fans of the magenta linework, I'm doing this for you...

#2 wardrobe test

Note that in this version she has a kukri knife which I've wisely replaced with a more standard combat dagger. She also has a slightly different pose, but I think the more arched back pose in my current iteration is clearly superior

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#3 work in progress

Even though this is nice, but when I switch engines I think that I can greatly improve the image. There is a solid foundation, but there are problems with materials and lighting which my new engine should address quite handily. And there may be a pose tweak required, but I won't know that until I introduce the new light rig


What do you think?