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Lancer – WIP

If you’re familiar with the fantasy genre, you’ll know that it is all about hot elf chicks with swords; there are some very practical reasons for this and I am not trying to break away from that tradition so much as I am trying to branch out and widen my vocabulary.

While I also plan to do clerics with blunt force weapons (more on that later) you may notice that I’ve been focusing on girls with polearms.

#1 work in progress

Polearms do have a huge downside but the strike range is a major asset. She is using a four bladed lance, which should have an interesting melee style. I imagine it would focus on swings as opposed to the expected stabs; this should come as a surprise to the adversary unfamiliar with that school of combat...

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#2 rough sketch

I like this underpainting, even though I will most likely change the pose and background and who knows what else?


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