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Overthere! ~ 365 Photos Challenge #65

On the morning walk, I had time to throw a camera shot in all directions. The idea is simple, is it something we usually see very often, can appear differently in a camera shot?

Many shots are done regardless of direction, focus or specific object, sharpness etc. Just click… click… and click… Like a frightened person in a battle scattering shots in all directions. The result? Mostly opaque, so general, unimpressive. Almost all images must be deleted.

A bit about this picture, the location of this shooting is on the north side of my house. If you’ve seen towers of high voltage power distribution in some of my previous posts, that’s the south side where my house is facing. This photo too is actually about to be deleted, but when I noticed that the picture is pretty sharp, not too bad from the angle of shooting, and saw that there is a boy in the middle of the picture pointing something, I failed to remove it. Well, at least there is something says something there.

For all of you friends who are interested in this challenge, here are the rules and guidelines to join.


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