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Welcomed Bluebird Visit ~ JFF Fauna

I had errands to run most of the day today. I am behind on many things. I was out watering the garden just now and out of nowhere was one of the baby bluebirds that fledged back in June. I can tell from the white spots. As he matures, he will be a solid blue. Yes he could be someone else’s bluebird, but I choose to believe he was one born right where he is perched. His bluebird home was on the pole he sits on in my garden. Too funny how he seemed to just appear for a visit. And long enough for me to get a quick shot. This is another reason to always have your camera. I sometimes never see the bluebirds once they fledge. What a welcomed visit. This made my day.

This photo is being added to Kim’s August JFF challenge Flora and Faun.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. I also live more in the village, so there are so many different birds that only have the problem of taking pictures-more difficult with a mobile phone

  2. We don’t have bluebirds this year, but there are more squirrels than usual. I am also glad to report that the wild turkeys seem to have been moved elsewhere. That is a good thing because they were a great nuisance.