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The Neglected Beauty ~ 365 Photos Challenge #70

These are some flowers in a vacant lot by the side of the road. The flowers of this plant are dormant and neglected if not disposed of by someone. At the roots, still visible clay pots despite being broken and buried by small debris. This flower is actually the ornamental plant Ruellia (Ruellia malacorperma) which are a sold in ornamental plants shop and quite a lot of planted in parks, both public and residential.

Again I reflect, have I ever or even tended to ignore such a beauty? Either beauty beyond me, the beauty of a person, something or anything or a beauty of myself, something not growing out of the ego but a clean, pure and happy thing and giving a peace.

All this time I feel that I always try to find the beauty and goodness of everything, but who knows something is missing, which looks very trivial or even looks bad but that can be very precious. Ahhh… I do have to try even better, and again, and again… I hope you do too. Have a good day, my friend…

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  1. Very well said Albert. What beauties they are too. You never know what you find of beauty, you just have to look.. I also agree with Carol here, they were waiting for you so you could share them with the rest of us. Thank you!

  2. Hmmmm a lot to ponder there — I am just through commenting over at LaJenna’s post and I mentioned about maintaining good perception towards other people. Now, I do not like to repeat myself here. I drop by to spread the Virils and the view lol — for I am aiming for reality but also I know the other reality of being in Virily hahaha I’m kidding in that last bit

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