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My Happy List – Week 3

I’d like to thank everybody who joined week 2 of My Happy List challenge! I hope you are having a good time creating your lists and thinking about all the good things in life.

It’s time for week 3. The topics are:

  • The Great Beauty – list some of the most beautiful sights you’ve witnessed or beautiful moments you have experienced. It can be anything from a sunset or a place to somebody’s smile. You can get creative with this topic, and you can add some photos too.
  • Outdoor activities that make me happy – list all the fun things you enjoy doing outdoors.

You can pick one or both topics. Please, use the hashtag #myhappylist, because this way it’s easier to find all the posts related to the challenge.


  • Make posts featuring the topic(s) for this week.
  • Post in the Challenges Section
  • Use the hashtag #myhappylist

Everybody is welcome to join. I’m looking forward to seeing your happy lists!

If you are interested in reading my previous posts, you can find them here:

The purpose of this challenge is to list the things in life that can make us happy. Some days may be rough, and we may forget some of the beautiful things that have happened to us or all the little ways we can make our life happier. In such times, it’s useful to take a look at the list and remember that life is beautiful.

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  1. This is like a little list of gratitude. Nice challenge.

    One thing for sure that would make me very happy… If I could get at least 1mbps off my internet connection. Heheh