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Leaving, on a Jet Plane – 365 Photos Challenge #71

I have fell behind again so much lately, but I am not giving up yet.  It doesn’t matter if this challenge takes me three years to complete.  I WILL post my 365 Photos.

I had to attend a training session in Pretoria, South Africa, along with my colleague last week.

Here you can see Makhotso as we are about to board our plane.  It was quite an unusual experience for me as I am not used to flying with such small airplanes and definitely not used to such a small airport where you can still see people walking on the hangers to the planes.

Anyone can pick up the 365 Photos Challenge. Just take your camera and start joining in the fun. Don’t forget to read the Rules and Guidelines to see how it works.

In case you missed my previous entry, you can see it here:  Life is a Journey


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Written by Della


    • Oh yes!! That’s the truth! We work with the Road Accident Fund and it is sad to see how many lives are affected by the careless drivers.

  1. It’s been a long time since I was on such a small plane. In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on any plane. The longest wait I had for a plane was 12 hours in the Oakland airport — a very small one. Ironically enough, we lived near LAX at this time, and that’s where the plane was coming from, but we had to board it in Oakland. It was a charter plane. Something happened to one of the engines before it got to Oakland or left Los Angeles, so it couldn’t go to Oakland until it was repaired. The airline fed us chicken for lunch and chicken again for dinner while we waited. After we’d been on the plane long enough for the crew to get organized, they gave us — you guessed it — a chicken dinner.

  2. I’ve been waiting for the new post!

    1. I am glad there was no hardware misdirection this time!
    2. Sad that there was no Llama

    Happy you got to wander South Africa! The best part of little planes and little airports is that you don’t have to spend all that time waiting!

    • I am still looking for the Llama to volunteer wearing the hat. Well, we did wait around 2 hours for the first flight due to delays, but other than that it was quite comfortable.

      • I once flew from Indianapolis to Munich Germany. I was delayed for 4 hours in Indianapolis (stting on the ground in the plane). We were then delayed for another 4 hours in Chicago. I missed my next connection during the first delay. The second delay meant I arrived in Munich Sunday pm. Hard to recover in 12 hours for a Monday early meeting.

        oh yeah and that wasn’t even my longest flight delay.

  3. Finally, after nth time of trying I read this post! It takes a lot of perseverance, I have to say, and my love for Della to enable me to keep trying ???. Anyway, there is always first time for everything and I hope you will find it quite an adventure to fly in a small plane — haven’t been in one. And 3 years to complete the 365 is just WOW! Have a safe travel, sweetie. I hope you and the colleague will have good time.

    • Awww Thank you my Pixie friend. You are just too sweet!! Haha, one way or another we will get there. But how are things at home? I MISS YOU!!

    • Thank you for the advise. But I have a full time job and run my business in the evenings. I log on and read and post when I can but cannot be on the internet the whole day.