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JFF silhouette challenge

Kim’s latest challenge was so good I had to do two entries… This is the silhouette challenge and one bonus shadow image that I forgot to put into the last post

Most of these are based off another piece which has been stuck in development hell for a while called Fangs of Apep. Don’t look forward to it, I have no idea when it might be released and it isn’t even in my workflow…

#1 alternate version

A different version made with the LUXrender engine. Nice, but underexposed...

10 points
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#2 omake

This is the statue render from DBFA, which was then tweaked a bit. I love how the shadows bleed into the background, so I wanted to include it in this challenge

9 points
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#3 work in progress

Note that the silhouette isn't black, just a very dark brown. Kim was wondering what a Silent Hill treatment looks like and this is what the Silent Hill treatment looks like...

8 points
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#4 rough sketch

There is nothing at all silhouette related to this rough sketch, I just included it so you could upvote it to the top of the list

8 points
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What do you think?

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  1. Fabulous Alex, now I know what the SH treatment is, and yes I have never played the game. Great silhouettes and shadows. I will be back to look at each one a little longer. I’m on my way out the door. Have a great day!

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