Kuchiskae Onna – WIP

While the original myth dates back to the Heian period of Japan, where she was the murdered wife of a samurai, her current incarnation as an urban legend has her as a female yokai lurking the streets asking a fatal question. If she isn’t answered correctly, her unwitting victim faces mutilation or even death

Most versions allow for a polite way to avoid answering the question, thus avoiding a gristly fate

#1 rough sketch

A rough sketch of the slit mouthed woman, with an interesting color scheme

5 points

#2 alternate version

A camera glitch made the scissors appear much larger than they actually were, which was a nice surprise, but it also made her hand look larger which is less good. There were a few different ways to fix this, but I went with a rework

5 points

#3 materials test

This is a materials test but unfortunately it was done with the old 3Dlite engine. I could've introduced some more specularity into the cuts but I ended up just going with a different engine altogether

4 points

#4 banner graphic

4 points

#5 work in progress

Decided to go in a grunge direction, and gave her some surgical scissors which I think read better than the giant scissors...

Watashi kirei?

3 points

What do you think?

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