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Fog, Planes & Eli~ 365 Photos Challenge~ Days 12-15

I know I have been MIA a bit the past few days. It’s been a busy time, so I have been adjusting to that.  I was able to post one item the other day ( Red Classic Car: Crazy Color Challenge  ) but that’s it.

I wanted to get back to posting the 365 photos challenge series (started by @artbytes26 ). If you want to join, feel free…you don’t have to be nominated to begin the challenge yourself.

Here is my last photo in the challenge: Day 11: Adorable Pup Ornament

I am posting 4 days worth of photos to catch up on what I missed.

I hope you will enjoy the 4 photographs here. I hope I can stay on schedule better with my posts, but the week is going to be kind of crazy.  I will do my best!

Day 15: Eli’s Silly Face

Sometimes Eli makes the most silly faces.....so when I captured this one the other day I knew I had to share it on Virily. I was not sure where to share it, but the 365 photos challenge seemed like a great place.

I hope you all enjoy this silly face! 

Day 13: More Airport Shots

I took this photograph at the airport.  I don't know exactly what it is, but I think it looks cool.  I like to get shots of buildings, and other things like that.  It works better when there is blue skies in the background - but I worked with the sky we were given (it's been foggy most of the time since Saturday). 

Day 14: Frost on the Trees

This goes with the foggy theme....it's frost on the trees. It looks like it has snowed, but it has not! I love the look of the frost on all the trees, it's beautiful in my opinion. 

 What do YOU think?


What do you think?


    • Well thank you… And I enjoy the color crazy challenge!
      It definitely is a busy time of year….I understand, my mother in-law is staying with us for the week.
      I hope to get back to posting regularly soon
      Merry Christmas too!