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365 Photos Challenge (and an Update) ~ 239 through 248

Hello everyone, 

I know my posts have been sporadic lately, but life has been hectic.  

Eli was accepted into head start (pre-school) and so we have been busy getting all of that taken care of.  We had a home visit with the teacher (mostly to sign paperwork) and then today was his orientation.

Eli passed all the tests he was given, and we are very proud of him!  He’ll be going 4 days a week starting next week! Head start here is 3.5 hours a day.  

I have another set of photos to share with you all that were taken the past week or so.  I hope you all will enjoy them!

#1 239 ~ Happy Eli 🙂

Holding his favorite stuffed animal; Husky.....he has not named it yet but loves it!

#2 240 ~ Wilted

Sadly, this sunflower looks like it's wilting some....

#3 241 ~ Hiding

This sunflower was kind of hiding behind the tall ones.  

#4 242 ~ Pretty Bloom

The color here is a very pretty one.  What do you all think?

#5 243 ~ Sunshine

This one reminds me of sunshine....just with the color and the shape.  Do you agree?

#6 244 ~ Ready to Bloom

This one is about ready to bloom.  I thought the shape was really cool!

#7 245 ~ Off to the side…

I thought it made for a cool shot!  What do you think?

#8 246 ~ Another pretty bloom

I just love these flowers...I guess that's why I keep sharing them!

#9 247 ~ Sunset Sky

The sky was so pretty this I wanted to share it!  The photo doesn't do it justice.

#10 248 ~ Nice way to end the night…

Is to see the sky looking like this.  Promise it was better in person.  Also, had to get another shot of the sky in a different area.  

Which photo was your favorite this time? I'd love to know as always!

What do you think?

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    • Thank you very much for your comment and for the congrats. We are very proud of him, and I probably should have got him into head-start last year, but at least he’ll get a year of it! Just hoping head start will get him prepared for Kindergarten.

      And thank you, the sky was so awesome in person!

      • I remember when our twins were heading into school. We had them in a pre-school program and they struggled. But then all of a sudden, they got a little older and flourished! The best thing we did was read to them every night!

        • That’s great to hear; it can be rough at first…it’s very new to them in the beginning! I’m hoping Eli will do well in preschool.

          We used to read to him every night but haven’t lately….we should get back into that routine.

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