2017 Christmas Pup~ 365 Photos Challenge~ Day 11

I am now sharing my 11th photo in the 365 photos challenge by @artbytes26  — Rules here: 365 Photos Challenge Rules

If you want to join the challenge feel free, you don’t have to be nominated!  It is a lot of fun!

Today I decided to share an ornament my mom has up at her house.  She does not have it hanging on her little tree, but sitting beside it.  It’s such a cute little Christmas pup, so I had to share it.

As it gets closer and closer to Christmas, most of my photos till then will probably be Christmas or winter themed.  I know the rules says no series, but I will spread them apart enough so I am not posting the same sort of thing daily.

What is your favorite ornament or Christmas decoration?

If you would like to see my last photo in the challenge go here: Day 10: Adorable Fifi


What do you think?


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