Red Classic Car: Crazy Color Challenge

I went through my photos and found this photo and thought it would fun for the contest. I know many choose to upload flowers, so I thought a classic red car would be fun to add to the mix.

This was taken at the annual car show held an hour away. We enjoy travelling to go see all the different classic cars they have.

If you want to join in the color crazy contest feel free!  It’s a lot of fun 🙂

Here are the rules to Kim’s Color Crazy Contest

The link to her post with the rules are above, but I have also taken the rules and shared them here below.

1. Post at least one photo using this weeks color. Anything from Red to Orange and in between

2.  Use the words, ” Color Crazy” in the title.

3. Post in the challenges category.

4. Use the hashtag #colorcrazy


What do you think?


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  1. Ah yes, thank you for this one. A red car fits wonderfully! I forgot about all your car show pictures! Thank you for joining in! Coloring Virily one photo at a time!!! You can post as many as you like each week for this one. This color ends Tomorrow. Next is Orange to Yellow!


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