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Some flowers In Floating Market Lembang ~ 365 Photos Challenge #46

Rain and traffic jam has been a bit of a deterrent to came to this beautiful place. Understandably, we or at least I am, somewhat reluctant to get wet from the rain just to enjoy such a spacious and open park. From the outside, from the parking lot does not seem anything special other than a very wide parking lot. Entrance fee is only Rp. 20.000 per person other than vehicle parking ticket Rp. 4.000/hour. It turns out that admission tickets can be exchanged for a cup of drinks from a wide selection of coffee-based beverages.

After descending the stairs to enter the park area, inside the vast Floating Market park, we were immediately mesmerized by its beauty. There is a Mini Town, there is a natural hot spring pool, a rainbow garden, so many beautiful gardens to take pictures, various children’s games facilities, big beautiful lake, thousands goldfish, food court and many others.

Flower! The colorful flowers are a special thing there! The whole area is filled with lots of brightly colored flowers. Here are some gardens and flowers that I had captured.

Unfortunately, the frangipani tree is not blooming.

The red flower across the lake was stealing attention.

Kinda sorry because I cannot take too many photos of various flowers at that time because too many visitors have always blocked my efforts. Well, everyone wants to have fun.

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