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Dancing Leaves Challenge

Trenna Sue has a great challenge. How would you verbally describe the term, “dancing leaves” to a person who has never had sight…

Very thought provoking I thought. I think this might be easier for a writer to explain, or a poet. Here is the post go check it out.

Talk about writers block.. I had to think of what a blind person uses most.. Smell, touch, sounds and taste…

Well this would be me trying to explain this:

You know the feeling of water in a faucet that is just trickling? Leaves dance like this in the wind. The harder the wind the faster the leaves “dance”. On my cell phone,   I would show a video of dancing leaves with sound of course of fall leaves in the wind, then a video of palm fronds dancing in the wind and that fabulous sound they make. If willing I would take them outside on a breezy day and let them feel dancing leaves..

I would love to see others join in this challenge!

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