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Color Crazy Challenge Week3 – Yellow & Green

Since @kim_johnson asked for yellow and green colors so I thought I should share lots a greens and yellowish greens. The photos were taken during our trip with the kids to Banawe and Sagada in the Mountain Province, Philippines.

The kids being these kids who are not so kids…

This is the original gang that tails us since they were small kids. Performers at comedy bars would amusingly ridicule us for bringing in children (they were aged 5, 6 and 7 when they start tailing us) there but, heck, what can we do? They think that they should be included wherever we go!

Anyway, so what does green mean to me? Green is nature and life. Green is what makes the planet alive. When I think of green, my mind associate it with food and living.

And this is my entry to #colorcrazy challenge created by @kim_johnson. If you are interested to join click here for instruction.

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Written by HarpingByAPixie

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    • That photo is of my nephews and nieces — two kids belong to my older brother and two kids belong to my cousin. They form friendship among themselves and are close to each other the same way the girls and I are close to each other. And all four of them have beautiful voices and can sing well.

  1. I smiled when I saw the cover photo and waterfall. I thought ah yes, this is going to be of the Philippines! Yay, I was correct. I agree, take the kids along, we have always taken my grandson along on hikes. He is now 7 and loves nature, to go hiking. I am only too glad to pass my love for nature down to another generation. Glad you are doing the same. Great shots!

    • Oh, yes! Even if my country is far smaller than yours, we do have pockets of beautiful places just like any other. This country is quite rich in terms of natural resources and people if only we could have political leaders whose hearts are set in their right place. But hey, that is me dreaming.

      • The prosperity and welfare of a nation do not lie in its vast size but the nation’s ability to deal and respond everything that exists in righteous and wise. It’s good if you have a dream, right? As long as the dream becomes an encouragement and not a cause of mental disorder… Hehehe…

        • Mr. Widjojo I never heard that a dream can cause mental disorder. What I know is that all problems in relation to anxiety, depression and what-not are all rooted from fear — not from dreaming. Dreamers can suffer from mind floating away but not from too much thinking. Lol! And your comment up there just reminded me of Singapore — yes, the size of the nation does not matter.

          • Dear Mrs. Harping, you are right about that dream. Dreams don’t cause mental disorders but on the contrary, mental disorders (or which is considered by the medical world as a mental disorder) can cause dreams and illusions. Actually what I mean by dream here is the desire, hoping, which has caused more disappointment than satisfaction and joy.

          • Yeah I like calling people that way when I am teasing hahaha but I am no Missus though. I am a Miss and you can add “ed” to that if you so like hahaha. It is a joke among us, miss=missed. But hey, no worries, since you call me that I will go and look for a hubby next year LOL!

        • Mr. W since when did I become a Missus? Hahahahahaha! When I talked of dreams, like you, I use it to mean heart’s desire or wish or prayer. But yes, a desire could be constructive or destructive. A free heart after all has no desire. I am quite a simple pixie and so my dreams are of simple (and not personal) yet unrealistic kind given the ways of the world. And dreams relating to mental disorder are, in my mind, more of hallucination than wish.

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