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The next color for the Color Crazy Challenge starting 5-11-20 will be….

So, we have one more week left of pastels! I have really loved seeing all the soft peaceful photos this last week. Let’s keep it up! 

I like to give you a hint of what the next week’s color challenge will be so here we go! Are you ready for this? 

Here we have this color pallet that I made in my coloring of this underwater castle. All you need to do is pick any one of these colors as the next one. 

Just make sure to mention the challenge in your title. Some have come up with Kim’s Color Challenge, others use Color Crazy and all kinds of variations. I use the tag ColorCrazy but you don’t even have to do that. One thing about Virily is, that if you type the word, “color” into the search engine all the posts come up for the challenge. Try it. 

#1 The colors to choose from are…

#2 Blue, Gold, Silver, Red or Green!

Try to match the tones/shades if you can! 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


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    • Grace… I had written that on there, along with white and decided to erase it because I want to do a black, and grey and white one closer to the end of the challenge. I know you meant it as a joke but, it was a very good question. 😉


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