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After Dusk ~ Silhouette Saturday

After failing many times to join the challenge of the “Silhouette Saturday” for various reasons, finally today I can post some photos for it.

When I wrote this, I had a chance to visit Kim’s post and felt like I’ve got refreshment about the silhouette photos. Some of the photos I took at after this dusk were around seven PM and I’ve just made the others to complete those pictures collection as an alternative.

#1 Bamboo Behind Jasmine Orange

A full week doesn't rain, and this is the advantage.

#2 With Jasmine Orange Staring At The Robot

Alex calls it a robot, and I like that term for the tower.

#3 Before dusk

Greeted by that bamboo when returning home, it felt very strong to remind me of this challenge.

#4 Smile…

Or you can make your own silhouette. At least something that can make you smile.

What do you think?

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