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Dr Suess Is Many Different Authors

Dr Seuss is a pen name for many authors. They have to get special rights, and then they can use the illustrators and create books with the characters. It is not common for other writers, but the popular characters and the desire to keep children reading is what the goal has always been.

It’s interesting that he was happy to share his legacy with others and still some of my favorites are penned the the original.

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    Have you ever read a Dr. Suess Book?

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    Do you have a favorite Dr. Suess Book?

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    Can you think of a Dr. Suess Book that everyone here should read?

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  1. two –

    1. The Butter Battle Book – helps people realize that sometimes the war for butter isn’t important after all.
    2. The Lorax. My father showed the Lorax to college students and grandchildren whenever he had control of the remote!!!

  2. You really should preview your polls before sending them through. Plus, you’re wrong about Dr. Seuss books being written by a bunch of people. Nice clickbait though

    • Really, would you like some examples? Do a fact check. A group of educators gather to create more in the style and worked out legal rights to use the name. Have you read the biographies, gone to museum, take courses on the subject on a college level, because I have. Thanks for taking the time to comment, now you might take some time to read up on things. Hope you have a fabulous day.

  3. Do you mean that modern Dr Seuss books which are being produced are being written by a syndicate? I believe that the original ones weren’t, that Dr Seuss was a real author, writing on his own. Fascinating subject for a blog, but the poll doesn’t work.