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My 4th Virily payment

As like my 3rd Virily payment, this 4th payment came unexpected, as I laid in my bed nearing ready to start my day. With the current discrepancies on the website I was not aware that I was even near a payment, but I guess I was. And with that, I thank you Virily for yet another payment, as well as the Virily contributors that supported me reaching it.

One thing that I took notice of after looking at my previous payments were that the money keeps rising by the dollar which I can definitely live with. My advice from my previous payments are no different, which I always recommend for you to be consistent with sharing writings and what ever platform you share them at because that always makes a difference in keeping those virils coming in, which will keep you fueled to share more as they pile up.

Things that I did slightly different in-between the last payment and this payment where sharing my writings as well as others writings on mostly Pinterest and Twitter to get them more exposure which resulted in the accumulation of virils.

As I share this I am currently bogged down in my semester, but once it is over with I will widen the topics I share, as in the past. And lastly, feel free to check out my 2nd Virily payment which the advice differs in comparison to the 3rd Virily payment on how I reached it.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

I'm a military veteran, a Direct Support Professional for adults with disabilities, and a college student pursuing a career as a substance abuse counselor. Outside of that I'm a runner, cyclist, blogger, writer, and fashion lover. I fell in love with writing during my second semester of college, and have found joy's in expressing myself with it.


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