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My 3rd Virily payment

The funny thing about this Virily payment is that I thought it was from an eBay sale because my earnings from eBay sales are sent to PayPal as well. I was surprised once I opened it up to see Virily instead of an eBay. I guess with that, I got so caught up in the cycle of putting out articles and clearing out notifications that I didn’t realize I was near a payment.

With this, I am not in any way shape of form boasting about payments, but I am about educating others that are chasing that very first Virily payment on ways to get it quicker.

This payment came three months after my second payment, which does not seem too bad. It seemed like forever when I aimed for that first payment, but once I got into my groove the times became shorter. I feel that most of the work came from constantly thinking of content that grabs the attention of readers, as well as sharing those writings on other social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, WordPress, Google, Pinterest, and even Lookbook.

The headache about sharing writings on other social media platforms is that you have some that may not agree with what you share, so you have to be an advocate for what you share. I try many different things, but my headache comes from the sports articles that I share because avid sports fans can be very opinionated, so I have to back up what I share with a proof source.

Like always, I thank not only Virily, but the Virily contributors as a well because many of you have contributed to not only my writings, but making this website better as well. I will end it right here, so that I can get back to work. Blessings to you all going into the new year.

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