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Today's run

I felt in the mood to run along the Lakefront near my old neighborhood in Edgewater. The route took me towards Kathy Osterman Beach, then back towards Montrose Beach where I veered off deciding to do loops on the track. Went for at least 10 miles during this run because my last run I had to cut short due to stomach pains. During this run I kept my pace smooth, so that I wouldn’t put a lot of stress on my joints before Detroit Marathon.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

My workout via Strava

Prior to my run I drank a little bit of this Rockstar energy drink to fuel me after my work shift. Rockstar is my favorite go-to drink when I need that extra boost to coincide with my desire to get the run in.

Not bad for a post-run lunch! Everything featured was purchased from Dollar Tree. Lately I have been pouring the broth from the rice in a coffee cup, and drinking it as soup.

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