My drug of choice: Track workout at Westinghouse Campus & Yoga

In comparison to my other workouts, running just hits me differently as far as giving me the opportunity to reflect on my thoughts.

As much as I hate doing a running session on a work day, there are things that are flowing in my mind that I must reflect on in order to declutter.

For today’s run I wanted to run at Union Park, a park located within West Loop, but parking was very horrendous, so I ended up settling for a workout on Westinghouse Campus track field.

The workout, a simple 2 mile workout consisting of a repeat of 100 meter sprint/ 100 meter jog.

Tunnel vision

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!

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