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How to clean your blood vessels naturally.

Robin Biznis December 3.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

After a heart attack, I searched for natural remedies that clean the arteries of fat.I found a recipe in Professor Todor Jovanovic’s book entitled “Serbia for Health”

From that book, I give you the recipe and the photos as I was preparing this potion today.You need:3 Garlic heads3 Lemons1 smaller ginger root

2 liters of boiled water and cooled to 60 degreesCelzijusa.Way of preparation.Put the lemon in a deep saucepan with water and add 2 tablespoons of baking soda.Wash the lemon well with vinegar in the morning and rinse it.Peel the garlic and finely chop it.

Peel ginger and finely chop it.Mix the ingredients and grind in a blender or on a meat grinder.

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice in an instant.

Mince the lemon peel and grind.

Now put it all together in a 2-liter pan of boiled and cooled water and cover.After 34 hours, proceed.usage:

Pour the liquid into dark glass bottles. Store in the refrigerator.Drink one small brandy glass of this liquid every morning before eating, It’s about 0.5 DCL.Repeat the procedure and then take a break of 1 month.There are various versions of this recipe on the internet.My advice to you is to never add lemon to boiling water or cook it as it says in some recipes.You will certainly lose Vitamin C.You can ask me for further explanations in the comments if something is not clear to you in the text.

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    • Well, that’s hard to say. It serves to cleanse and reduce fat in the blood vessels. To know how much help, a lab test should be done before and after a beverage.
      And it is made from herbs, garlic, garlic, ginger that has been proven to anoint. I drink it can’t hurt.

          • I doubt it too.
            Observe Aspirin.
            The pharmaceutical industry pills it and pharmacies sell it.
            Everyone makes money.
            Where do they make it from?
            From willow bark.If people would be treated for willow bark to which they would sell aspirin tablets.
            Where do they make insulin from?
            Of course, one cannot do without medicines and the pharmaceutical industry, but they do everything in nature.
            The rest are synthesized by copying nature.
            Apple aroma is acetic acid ethyl ester.
            And they make a synthetic aroma, they add in alcohol, a little sugar, and you get cider, apple brandy.
            Pure chemistry.
            Not a trace of natural brandy.

    • I mention both ingredients.
      To keep the lemon peel from chemicals because it has been treated, the lemon is kept in water overnight where you put baking soda.
      All the prospects in the morning.
      So pour the vinegar over the lemon. It continues to remove and clean up the residual chemicals.
      Bake the lemon in vinegar for a few minutes.
      Then rinse everything well with water.
      You now have a lemon whose bark to use.

    • This recipe is primarily for blood vessel cleansing.
      As it contains garlic that lowers blood pressure, I would be careful to use it.
      You can try a small amount for a couple of days with a blood pressure check. Or consult a doctor.

    • This recipe comes first on the Google search engine when you type: Cleaning your blood vessels naturally.
      But there are variations.
      Again, the lemon must not be boiled, it must be in cooled water, of course, which has previously boiled. This is the most important.

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