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Arts and crafts.

 I hope you all are doing good .I would like to share my art and craft  work  with my virily buddies . This is Flower...

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My dessert "creamy Candi delight."

I just made a sweet creamy dessert for my hubby's office colligues. I made this dessert using cream,Candi cookies, condensed milk,fruit cocktail and milk.I also...

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Face painting.

My daughters loves face painting.They easily get fascinated by those colorful motifs and glittery dusts. Here in my city we have got these face artists...

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Health report.

Lat week my daughters school held medical week and did students medical checkup.Its a good well reputed school so they do check health on...

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Surprise birthday party…

It's a December 8 and we celebrated my daughters birthday which is on 10th December.She turns ten on ten. It's a surprised birthday cum dinner...

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Arts and crafts.

My dessert "creamy Candi delight."

Face painting.

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