Coronavirus seems to be all over the UK?

Thursday, 1.29.20

I woke up early because I needed to mail my bills. I was busy all day during this Monday to Wednesday with a three-day business event, which provided interesting information as well as breakfast and lunch. When I returned home, I turned on my computer, and I noticed another post from UK about the coronavirus going around. This latest post involved quarantining a cruise ship with 7000 people because a Chinese couple on the ship got coronavirus. Posts about this coronavirus have been popping up on my desktop all week, and I am hoping it won’t come to my area. It seems to be mostly in the UK. Has anyone heard about this coronavirus?


What do you think?


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  1. You can assure that no cases have been identified. Can you assure us everyone has been tested? There could be thousands who only have a slight fever and never know they have it. Can we even assure that the tests are accurate?

  2. The virus went out of China’s borders because people lack responsibility. How anyone was allowed to leave Uhan when there is outbreak of virus. The virus can spread quickly because now people love traveling and the incubation period is enough long.

  3. No it is not in the UK! It’s in China!

    There is currently a flight on its way from Wuhan to GB, bringing Brits back home. They will have to be placed in quarantine for two weeks.

    I can assure you that the UK is completely free of the virus and no cases have been reported.


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