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Make your own masks!

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Basically, a mask will not give you much protection against Covid-19.  The mask is so that the person wearing the mask does not contaminate other people.  Also, masks are not made real good.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch government bought 1.3 million masks from China in order to be prepared for the coronavirus outbreak on March 21.  After testing the first 600,000 masks, the Dutch found out that these masks are not sufficient enough for first responders to use as personal protective equipment (PPE).  

The masks failed two separate tests done in the Netherlands.  During inspection, they realized that none of the masks fit perfectly on a person’s face.  Plus, the mask fibers were not fine enough to prevent droplets from seeping into the masks.  Also, the masks failed their quality control standards.

China sent all of these defective masks to the Netherlands because China had a surplus of masks even though Covid-19 originated in China.  How did that happen?  Well, the United States of America sent a boatload of masks to China back on February 7.  

Uh-oh!  That means that the USA does not have any masks now because they sent all of the masks to China seven weeks ago.  If you want a mask, then you better learn how to make a mask.


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  1. i think there is a lot more to that story. The US has always responded to global disasters. So it is normal operating procedures to support nations with issues.

    That said, it is time for the UN to create a pandemic task force.

  2. Whether defending or not here in Spain is a must. Even when in your personal car, you have to wear a mask and gloves. My mask is made of very fine cotton in several layers. When I get home I wash it with soap. And after drying it, I iron it with a very warm disinfection iron. I watched how masks were made in China. From what I saw, it is more likely that the mask is full of germs.


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