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Corona clamps | 'Social pliers' used on lockdown defiers


In Nepal, their police officers have created a new way to detain people that are defying the stay at home order.  The Nepali police are using pliers to clamp down on residents that defy the quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.  The clamps look like something G.I. Joe would use to catch the Cobra Commander.  

The police are able to capture a person and maintain their six feet of social distancing at the same time in order to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.  Plus, I do not see why so many people are outside in Nepal.  Other than climbing mountains in the Himalayas, there is absolutely nothing to do there.  Hopefully, these social pliers clamp down on the rampant trafficking of children and people that goes on in Nepal.  On average, about 50 women per day are trafficked from Nepal into India.


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