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The lockdown: One month in Wuhan


Zero cases stable in Hubei Province, China, I believe this victory is guaranteed, although Wuhan City is still in isolation. But plans are already underway for the gradual dismissal of the reins and the gradual relaxation of the two-month measures. 42,000 medics from all provinces of China to help people in Wuhan have already had the opportunity to have sleep and begin to go home.

City dwellers bow to over medical buses passing through the street and chant gratitude shouting through the windows. Sensitive videos show how medical doctors say goodbye to local doctors. Hugs, tears of gratitude, joy, victory, and fatigue. Together, they managed to avoid the worst-case scenario. Medics do not hide that it was very difficult, but their education made it possible to understand the importance of this sacrifice.

Italy (3405) has already surpassed China (3242) in deaths, although the peak has not yet been reached.

The news about Favipiravir antiviral caused a lot of enthusiasm in people yesterday. The knowledge that the drug discovered is misleading. It is not a new drug, back in 2014 Japan approved it for use, it has been tested in humans and during the Ebola outbreak. In addition to these and other existing drugs, CoVid19 patients are being tested and used in China and the rest of the world. The approved use of Favipiravir for the treatment of coronavirus means that the side effects caused by Favipiravir are within tolerance and that the drug will be produced in large quantities.

So, we got a big hope that everything will be OK with this World. We just have to be patient.

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